Charles H. Carver is an award-winning digital artist and photographer. A subset of his artwork is presented in the main EYE & MIND STUDIO link below (second thumbnail). Review the site to experience the unique style and range of art that Charles offers. Fine-art prints of the digital art and photography are available for customization. In addition to fine-art and photography, Charles designs and directs commercial identity development, logo development, website development, and custom Illustration work through E&M Studio and select collaborating resources. Utilize the COMMERCIAL ART link below to inquire about custom corporate or commercial services designed or directed by Charles (third thumbnail).

In addition to art, Mr. Carver's background is in biological research, wellness initiatives, and clinical sleep diagnostics. Charles is a board registered sleep technologist (RPSGT) with experience in sleep diagnostics. In 2012, he founded The Tri-Nourish System — a proprietary system that integrates sleep medicine with nutrition and exercise science for a comprehensive assessment and education system. In late 2018, Charles launched a comprehensive self-guided sleep learning platform called Nourish Sleep. Select the Nourish Sleep link to review the Members Platform. If you would like to go through the process, please contact Charles.

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