Consult Carver offers consultation services to fitness institutions and their members, clinical sleep diagnostic facilities and their patients, registered dietitians and their clients, and individuals seeking to directly learn from the comprehensive Tri-Nourish Baseline Evaluation that Charles has authored. In general, consultation services are related to the integration of sleep quality into the diet and exercise tandem for better performance, productivity or health management strategies. By virtue of Charles' robust background in commercial art, the facilities and clinical programs that utilize his integrated programs are encouraged to take advantage of his emphasis on effective visual presentation for functional communication of their content.

You may contact Charles directly to contextualize your needs and request a quote for a specific scope of services rendered. Please visit the Tri-Nourish link (first thumbnail) for more information about The Tri-Nourish System as well as pricing for one-on-one client consultation packages. In addition, facilities are encouraged to check out The Nourish Portal website, which can be accessed from the same Tri-Nourish website link.

Note: Consult Carver services are a separate entity than the fine-art, commercial art and photography resources available from Eye & Mind Studio. To inquire about custom fine art prints or image optimization services or education, please go through the E&M Studio link (second thumbnail).

Thank You!

Charles H. Carver, RPSGT, PES

Consult Carver