Case Sample: Sleep Point Diagnostics

Based on Charles' credentials in sleep diagnostics in tandem with his visual communication background, a sleep diagnostic start-up asked Charles to develop their entire Identity, from logo to website, including marketing content and educational resources. This required intimate knowledge of the field and robust dialogue with the medical director. Although Sleep Point is the type of client that can best utilize the dual expertise that Charles offers in the commercial arena (technical content in a clean, confident visual presentation), it is not uncommon for Charles to be asked to become knowledgable of a specific product sector prior to initiating a set of design or consultation services. This is a cost-effective solution to the problem of content (including copy) development for print, web and mobile applications. Very often, clinical directors, CEO/founders, executive management and design engineers do not have the time necessary to develop and oversee appropriate marketing and initial branding vehicles during the development process. Unfortunately, it cost more in the long run when identity development branding and initial marketing are considered merely afterthoughts to the principle content, products or services being developed. Design & branding should be seamless with developmental content. Let us assist your company !

Review the crisp, functional and elegant communication style of the Sleep Point site. (Currently still in development). Be sure to return!